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Expert Electrical Contractors in Ironwood

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Lindquist Electric Inc has only top-quality electrical contractor on staff at our office in Ironwood. When you need expert help, be sure to call our team. Not only do we do great work, we also stock numerous electrical supplies for your convenience. Please learn more about us here, and let us know what we can do to help you with your electrical needs.
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There's nothing quite like having a team of qualified professionals at the ready when you need help with electrical work, or if you need advice on what to purchase. We are available for you to ask questions and to explain the details. Call on us any time you need pro help.

Knowledgeable Team

The 50+ years of experience we have at Lindquist Electric Inc goes a long way when it comes to providing quality work and solid advice. We are able to address all types of situations, be it a residential project or an industrial building. Call on our expertise to help you figure things out!

Dedicated Service

At Lindquist Electric Inc you'll get dedicated service no matter what you need. If we're coming out to work on site you can rest assured we'll do great work and follow a strict timetable. If you need supplies, we are able to provide a variety of choices. Call us in Ironwood or drop by our storefront to find out what we can do for you.
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